Week 2: Identify Your Audience

This week we are going to look at how to find audiences online.


One of the key concepts you need to grasp before diving into building out a customer journey is customer intent, the types of customer intent, and the stages of customer intent.

To get a grounding in this, we are going to turn to some of the worlds top experts on customer intent… Google.

Here are a few articles to get you started:

How Intent is Redefining the Marketing Funnel

Consumer Intent is More Powerful than Demographics

Then check out this powerful 3 minute video:

Account Setup

To execute the following research steps, you are going to need accounts on

  1. Google Ads Platform
  2. Facebook for Business

Some other cool places you can do a bit of research include

Google Trends
Amazon Home Page

Finding Customers Online

In this module we look at all of the free places you can find customer groups online.

Keyword Research

Here we look at how to put together a keyword list.  This is where deep thinking about intent comes in – what are people who are in your customer personas and ready to engage with you going to type?  And, is there enough traffic on those terms?

Facebook Audiences

Here we look at how to find audience groups on Facebook for paid advertising.


Once you’ve gone through this, here are the things that you will want to put together (preferably in a Google Doc) to discuss on our next call.


  1. A list of free places (press, question sites, etc) you think might be a good fit for you
  2. A list of the top 3 keyword groups (so individual words with good traffic and a subset of related words) you found in Google as well as approximate traffic numbers.
  3. A list of the top 3 Facebook audiences you think match your demographics, and the approximate numbers.