Subscription Management for Infusionsoft

Subscription Management for Infusionsoft

by | Aug 29, 2017 | WordPress Plugins

Subscription Management for Infusionsoft is a WordPress plugin that allows you to get out of the limited and ugly opt-out system Infusionsoft has created and instead direct your subscribers to a beautiful page where they can control their subscription preferences in fine detail.

It is an open source and free plugin available in the WordPress repository.  You can download it here:

Subscription Management for Infusionsoft

We have put together a PDF to try and make it easier for you to get through the installation.  Right-click on the link below to download it to your computer.

Download PDF Instructions


  1. Stuart Roberts

    Hey guys,

    I’m interested in this plugin, it serves a really handy purpose for anyone using Infusionsoft that has more than just an “unsubscribe” requirement. In my case, it may help me out with a multi-company / multi-website situation I have been considering.

    I have a couple questions. Feel free to respond offline if preferred. They are fairly low-level 😉

    The “unsubscribe from all” function seems a little clunky, without making it obvious that the user also gets to click the “Save preferences” button. Perhaps if the list of items had a “deselect all” option, then the “Save preferences” button would become a more obvious need?

    The ability to confirm email preference changes by triggering a campaign in Infusionsoft would also be a good option. This could be simply by allowing the admin to have a specific tag added to the user on save, and using this tag to trigger the admin – created campaign in Infusionsoft.

    Have you considered how to prevent people using this plugin for phishing attacks? I know this is not an easy problem to solve without causing hassle for a site’s users, but rate limiting and possibly a CAPTCHA / reCAPTCHA type item to at least make sure sites aren’t being hit by a script? I come from a heavily security-focused background, so I may be thinking about this too much, but it came to mind for me. I also know that nearly all mailing list unsubscribe functions are open to this sort of attack.

    • Justin Handley

      Hey Stuart – good recommendations. We’ll be incorporating the plugin and releasing a new version – I’ll let you know when it is out. I’m also going to be updating the documentation as it is now pretty seriously out of date.

    • Justin Handley

      Hey Stuart – try to update the plugin and see if it meets your needs now?

  2. Daniele

    Hello Justin,

    thanks for your plugin.

    I have a little question, how I can show the tag description instead of the tag title in the page where the user manage the subscription?

    Thanks a lot!

    • ManagedWP

      Hi There – we are considering making it so you can rename any tag in our editor – that wouldn’t be using the tag description, but would give you control of what was shown – would that meet your needs?

      • Daniele


        thanks for your reply.

        If the rename is only for the page WP and dont change nothing into Infusion, for me is very good.

        Thank a lot

      • Daniele


        do you have integrate this fuction?

        Thanks a lot!

        • Daniele

          Hello have a news for this upgrade?


  3. Garrett Fitzpatrick

    Currently having an issue with the tag refresh function not working.
    Please advise!

    • ManagedWP

      Looking into this – if we confirm a bug we’ll put out a new release.

    • ManagedWP

      Hi Garrett – so, we have tested this and can’t find any issue with the tag refresh function in the plugin. Are you still having trouble? Let me know and maybe we can look at your specific setup to see if there is a problem there?

      • Garrett Fitzpatrick

        Any help would be greatly appreciated!

        It is showing the majority of my tags except my new list management tag category and tags.

        I have: reinstalled the plugin, renamed tags and category, added all tags to at least one test contact.

        Still no luck

        • ManagedWP

          Hey Garrett,

          I just sent you an email – let’s try to troubleshoot this on your site directly. Thanks!

        • ManagedWP

          Hey Garrett – so, I have written to your email again that you are using to post here. It doesn’t seem like it is getting through – can you email me at justin at (the domain you are on now) and maybe send a phone number and we can connect and get this looked at for you?

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