Have an Infusionsoft Issue?  Let’s Crush It!

Last week I was working with one of my ongoing clients.  We were running through over 60 campaigns that had been built over a span of four years by in-house staff as well as a couple of different consultants and high-end ‘out of the box’ campaign companies.  I went through every single campaign, one by one, and made comments as to my best guess as to what they were for and what we should do with them (i.e. save them, make them active, delete them…)

There were two of them, though, that I just had to say ‘I have no idea – do you know what this is supposed to do?’

I almost peed my pants laughing when I checked my task system and saw this:

Wow! I just had a look and my head is spinning! Looks like the inmates took over the place. Idk. I’ll need a little time with this one. I don’t remember how it happened? Maybe too much vodka? It looks like someone got lost in another world, a long long time ago.

Really, though, it is only funny because I have been there.  And I think that 90% of my clients who have been using Infusionsoft for more than a year and a half have been there too.

It is OK to feel confused.

Marketing automation can be really, really confusing.  But, it can also be really, really simple and straightforward.  If you are relatively new to the field of automation, you may not be able to see the clear path.  That is what I help people do – create clear, compelling systems that move an audience to achieve a goal.  

I’ve been using Infusionsoft for 15 years.  Infusionsoft is your Mount Everest.  I am your sherpa.  This may be your first ascent, but I’ve been running up and down these trails for years.  I know the easy paths.  I know where the traps are.  I know when to give up and start over another day.

Together, we will find clarity

Recently, I’ve been working with Infusionsoft doing what they call ‘Retention Service’.  Basically, if someone is unhappy with the software and calls support to complain or cancel, they hook us up, and I help talk the person through their issues and figure out what is going on.

One out of every 20 people has just purchased the wrong software.  They were looking for something that lets you try on virtual eyeshadow by uploading a selfie, and they bought Infusionsoft.  In those cases, there isn’t much I can do.  But for everyone who has a business, who has a product or service they are trying to sell, we can normally in two quick calls (plus a bit of homework in between) figure out what they need and build it.

These calls are so successful, and people are so grateful for the service, that I thought… wait just a minute, why aren’t I doing this for my own fans and clients?


the ‘super smashing infusionsoft problem crusher

Here is how it works.  We do two calls.  On the first call, we define your problem and design the solution.  We make a list of everything we need to build the solution that will solve your problem and achieve your goals.  We part ways, and you do your homework and I do mine.

When your homework is done, you schedule a second call.  We get back together, review your work, finish pushing buttons and wiring up wires.  We launch your campaign.  You book each call individually.  If after our first call you decide you hate me, we are cool – you aren’t locked into anything.

If, after our first call, you don’t believe that we can achieve your goal, I will refund you 100% of the cost of the call and we’ll part ways as friends.

If after our second call you decide you want me to come to live in your basement and automate your entire life, we’ll find some middle ground where I can help you without living in your basement.  

If you are ready to see some real and measurable results, go ahead and set up your first call now.  The cost is $150 per call (including the lead in and wrap up communication, research, and implementation).  Just $300 to knock the most difficult Infusionsoft challenge off of your list.  Only 50% up front.  And you get it back if we aren’t a good fit.

You can’t really lose, so…

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