Lead Generation to Direct Sale

Ashley Black Guru tasked us with building a
self funding lead generation tool.

We worked with Ashley Black over a period of six months to identify new market opportunities and capture leads in preparation for the holiday season of 2019. Our landing page and associated Facebook Ads campaign generated 13,700 leads and 851 new sales. Our winning campaign had a 3.92 ROAS. We also launched a newsletter that generated an average of $.42 per click adding, on average, an additional 13% to overall monthly revenue for the business.


Helping a ‘Unicorn’ product brand find it’s footing in digital marketing.

With a fantastic product, celebrity backers, and a ton of press right out of the gates, sales of the FasciaBlaster soared.  Ashley Black Guru expanded from a single product business into a full ecommerce line of fascia massage tools.

Four years down the road, with the intial burst of sales coming to an end, ABG was faced with creating long term, sustainable lead generation programs to continue their growth.  We were tasked with finding and developing new markets.

Color Testing

We tested multiple color schemes and layouts.  White minimalist, Green and Red sporty, Black and Gold.  We tested feminine and masculine.  Across the board, Black and Gold came out the winner achieving a 17% increase in conversions.

Offer Testing

We tested opt-in to sales page flows, sales page with exit pop-up flows, and combined opt-in / sales offer pages.  The combined pages won for us, and including the offer higher on the page created significantly more sales with only a minimal decrease in opt-ins.

Week Campaign

Split Tests

Leads Generated

Attributed Sales

The Approach

Over months of testing, we identified multiple leverage points and were able to improve our ads and lower the cost per lead significantly.

We attacked from several angles at once upon getting started.  We decided to split off from the main e-commerce site and do our testing on a micro-site consisting of several landing page tests. 

We also tested multiple markets, and identified and honed in on several promising groups that had great affinity with the product.

While this was happening, we set up new follow up campaigns for leads, and split test existing follow up sequences, leading to improved results in moving new leads to sales.

It starts with generating interest

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