Infusionsoft Email Open Tracking WordPress Plugin

Infusionsoft Email Open Tracking WordPress Plugin

by | Jul 19, 2018 | Infusionsoft, WordPress Plugins

Why Infusionsoft Email Open Tracking?

So, you have your shiny new CRM, but how does Infusionsoft Email Open Tracking work?  Well, by default, for campaign and broadcast emails, you can click on the email to see the history of its open rate.  However, you can’t use that information to do anything fancy in the campaign builder.  That is what this plugin solves.  This plugin was inspired by some code posted by Tyler Garns.  While we put together documentation that will make your life much, much easier, that link is a good starting point for what this plugin does.

The rest is on the settings page – read it and get set up!

How to Get The Plugin

Either go to Plugins in your WordPress install and search for ‘Email Open Tracking for Infusionsoft’ and then install it, or click on the link below to download it and install it manually.

Download The Plugin from the WordPress Repository

Setting Up the Plugin

Issues with Open Tracking

You can add something like ?cache=38748 to your query string, and make sure you change the number every time. Only works for broadcasts, though, not campaign emails…

The Infusionsoft Campaign

What actions can I trigger in Infusionsoft with this plugin?

This plugin can trigger any action set in your application. So, it can essentially cause anything that you want to happen. You just need to set up an Action Set (Go to Marketing > Settings and Action Sets is in the left-hand menu), grab the ID of the new action set you created and put it into the image code.

Then, paste that image code into an email, and when it is opened – voila – your action set is triggered.

What is next?

Well, if you have questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.  If you want us to push the campaign into your Infusionsoft account, just let us know.  If you run Infusionsoft and WordPress, you might also want to check out Subscription Management for Infusionsoft.

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  1. Tim

    Hey thank you so much, I just installed the plugin and it’s still working!
    AWESOME! This really fills a need that Infusionsoft is lacking.

    Again thanks!!!


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