Do You Need an eCommerce Site Yesterday?

Unfortunately, we can’t do that for you.  But we can probably get you set up by tomorrow.

Special Offer for Retail Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

We recognize that there are A LOT of businesses who need a powerful web presence where they can continue selling even when the shop is closed.  Because, the shop might be closed for a while.  We want to take the pain away.

Right now, if you sign up for hosting at ManagedWP.Rocks, we will deploy a special site framework for you that is pre-set to have eCommerce ready, and our customer support team will work with you to get your site online and ready.  Our hosting is $19.95 / month and comes with great support. 

We normally charge $2,000 for eCommerce setup – but at this point to assist businesses and try to avoid worst case scenarios, we are waiving that fee and instead will be putting together as many training videos as possible, and making our support team available to help you get fully set up.

This page isn’t huge and pretty, but we wanted this out there as soon as possible – we’ll be making it better over the next couple of days.

If you have questions about the offer, you can just send us an email.

Otherwise, you can learn more about our hosting at ManagedWP.Rocks

And you can sign up for hosting here.