Building a Customer Persona

Customer Personas are a critical part of building a marketing strategy.  In fact, they are one of the very first things you should do.  Almost everything else you do in building your marketing plans will be based on your personas.

We’ve built a nice little persona builder that lets you create beautiful, printable personas in just a couple of minutes (plus deep thinking and research time).  If you are into video, there is a 15 minute video on the right shows you exactly how to use this and provides some context.  However, if you know what a persona is and have just been waiting for someone to give you an easy tool to make them with…

  1. Open our Customer Persona Worksheet on Google Slides
  2. Follow the instructions on page one to clone it so you have an editable version
  3. Fill out all the fields – your personas name, goals, values, pain points, and objections, plus detailed demographics on page 2
  4. Add an image and crop it to fit the little circle in the middle (instructions towards the end of the video below if you can’t figure this out)
  5. Print it out on double sided paper.

And in five easy steps you now have one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal ready to go.  When you are done, send us a copy at and we’ll review them and and give you feedback.

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