Designing Customer Journeys

(Knowing the path that your customer takes to get from being a person who has never heard of you to being your biggest raving fan is critical to scalable growth.  Why?

Because, once you know what path works, you can simply put up sign posts and make sure everyone takes that path!

So, how do you figure it out?  Well, it is deceptively simple.  You are about to learn the secret that some of the top advertising agencies use, and when you do, you are going to be like…

Really?  Thats it?

But yes, none of this is hard, it just takes the time and patience to actually execute.

To do this exercise you are going to need either:

  • A bunch of index cards
  • A stack of sticky notes
  • or a ‘card based’ app like Trello (Web) or Cardflow+ (iPad)

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