Ready to Build a Scientifically Proven Online Lead Generation and Sales Platform for your Business?

You have a fantastic product or service that you are desperate to get in the hands of as many people as possible, and now you are ready to create a robust and automated system that will sell it for you.

The problem is you have too much information, not enough actionable steps, and no support or encouragement when things get hard.  

Our 90 day ‘Done With You’ labs are designed to help you take action and create the marketing system you always knew you should have. 

During Q2 of 2020 you’ll get step by step instructions, all of the tools and resources you need to succeed, and the support and accountability that will make sure that before this year is halfway over, you will forever change the future trajectory of your business.

Right now, you can choose to lock in the ability to scale your marketing effectively with a platform that will last the life of your business, and an education that will last a lifetime.


12 Weeks of Lessons & Homework Paced for Success


Step by Step Tutorials guided by Justin Handley


Lifetime Access to recordings and community

Over 20 Years of ‘In the Trenches’ Online Marketing Experience, and our team is going to help you:

Take Your Sales Through The Roof by Finally Taking Time to ‘Do it Right.’

– In Just 90 Days –

We are always trying to get our business to the next level. It doesn’t matter if you are a solopreneur trying to break into the small business world or a small business trying to break 10 million. You know that there are proven ways and best practices that every single one of the ‘big guys’ in your pond follows.

The funny thing is, no matter what pond you are in, 95% of those things remain the same. And you probably know just what they are. You just haven’t had time to execute because you are trying to run a business and make a living.

In this 90-day Lab, you’ll be learning from our CEO, Justin Handley, and working with our entire team of digital marketers and creatives

We aren’t just teaching based on theory. Since 1999 Justin and his team have been building websites and marketing automation systems. Not funnels really, because hey – no one knew what an online marketing funnel was in 1999.  

We are google certified partners in every type of advertising they offer. We are Infusionsoft Certified Partners and have been teaching and executing marketing automation online since 2004. In the last 30 days, we have generated over 60,000 leads for our clients using these methods(statistic generated February 18, 2020), and have achieved 8X return on ad spend in some cases.

And now, you are going to get a behind the scenes peek at exactly how we achieve results for our biggest clients, and we are going to hold your hand as you learn to do it in your own business.

In the Customer Experience Lab, you get:

  • Weekly Live Video calls that will walk you through every step you need to take to go from zero to a thoroughly thought out customer experience.
  • Additional ‘micro-lessons’ delivered via email that will help fill in the gaps and let you build the skills you need to create effective marketing systems.
  • Worksheets, scripts, templates, and other resources we’ve put together for you so that you have all the tools you need at your fingertips.

Note: This Lab is NOT for everyone

Building a proven, repeatable, automated sales system is not a walk in the park. It takes time, effort, and commitment. It can also pay off more significantly than anything else you ever do in your business if you take the time to do it right.

This Lab isn’t for you if:

  • You don’t have an existing business with a product or service that you are already selling. This Lab is not a ‘learn how to do business’ or a ‘product creation’ workshop. If you don’t have a product – start there.
  • You don’t have time to commit. While we have done our best to make lessons clear and easy to follow, to break down ideas into easily manageable chunks, and to provide the support you need, this still is going to take some time commitment. You’ll need at least an hour a week to watch the main lesson, and then several more to get your homework done each week.

Now, you can bring other people to the party – the course fee is per company or project, not per attendee. And we are here to help. And the course is over three months, not three weeks. But if you don’t think you can put effort into building a lifelong lead and sales generation machine over three months, this isn’t for you.

(If you don’t keep up, it is OK. We record everything, and you have access for life. But, in our experience, those that engage in real-time reap the best rewards.)

This Lab is for you if:

  • You are ready to see real results from inbound marketing, but you feel a bit stuck on where to go. On top of tools, techniques, and strategies, we will breathe new life into your relationship with your business. And, unlike 99% of the other courses on the market, this is designed for you to succeed, not for you to buy it and shelve it.
  • You have an open mind. You are fantastic. You are in business, have a product, and are actively growing. But to continue growing, sometimes you have to accept you don’t know everything, or that even if you do, a gentle reminder can help make all the difference. That is why we are here.
  • You are serious about creating a successful lead generation and conversion process and want to lay the foundations for a truly scalable business.  If that describes you, this could be the best thing you do for your business this year.


Now, here is our little secret. We are a marketing agency, not a training company. We work with 5 to 10 high-end clients a year doing major marketing initiatives. To build the kind of marketing system that we will be setting up can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $150,000 depending on how complex a client wants to get with it.

The ongoing maintenance of ads and split tests runs an additional $1500 to $25,000 per month. That is a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of human power going into these projects. And, it makes it difficult for the average small business owner to get on board.

What usually happens, where you probably are, is likely one of these two places:

You believe you can’t afford a killer marketing system, so you hacked together a ‘just decent’ one, skipped lots of essential steps in the process, and ended up dissatisfied with the results you are seeing from it.


You got started with the best of intentions, did everything meticulously, realized just how much work it is, got lost without encouragement and guidance, and gave up with a perfect half-built machine that never saw the light of day.

That is why we are taking the ‘Done With You’ approach. In this way, we can guide you, we can support you, and we can even help you build things. But, you don’t get tied into a big contract, and we can put our resources where you need them the most.


Here is what you are going to walk away from this experience with:

  • Clearly defined customer avatars that will guide everything you do
  • Clear brand guidelines – not just visual, but deeply profound
  • Market research that includes exact numbers of the people who fit your customer avatars, and where you will find them
  • A copy platform that will help guide your language as we create
  • Lead Bait – the messaging you will use to attract your audience
  • Lead Conversion Pages (opt-in pages, landing pages, whatever you call them)
  • Well thought out communication sequences to guide leads down the path to becoming a customer or client
  • Market research strategies to help you continually improve
  • Split testing strategies and systems to help you continuously improve
  • An understanding of Analytics and Metrics to help you continuously improve

Some of the soft skills and assets you will be getting include:

  • A high-level understanding of the inbound marketing strategies that we have used to drive leads and sales in hundreds of businesses over two decades.
  • A functional understanding of split testing and metrics that will allow you to make every future decision in your business based on not just real data, but the underlying meaning of that data
  • A renewed feeling of connection to your company and your clients that will help you be happier about how everything is going.

You also are getting some hard assets.

One of the advantages of working with us is that we have a lot of fancy toys, some of which we pay pretty heavily for.  If we were going to sell this to you as a project – Done For You instead of Done With You – this is what the package would include:

  • Keyword Research

$99 Value

  • A Complete Funnel

$5,000 Value

  • A Year of Website Hosting

$179 Value

  • Facebook and Google Setup

$2000 Value

  • A Content Marketing Strategy

$500 Value

  • Over 30 Hours of Coaching & Support

$3,000 Value

  • Our Strategies, Plans, and Maps


Total Value: $10,778

Your Price: $1997

To Assist Businesses in Difficult Times, this course is now available on a ‘pay what you can’ basis.

We are considering launching a 2nd cohort on May 1st








We are currently considering launching a 2nd session in Q2

If you are ready to apply a bit of elbow grease, don’t procrastinate. This Lab is a beta test for us. Depending on how the course goes, we may or may not ever offer this content to the public again, or we may just package it and offer it as a DIY course without our help.

The Customer Experience Lab is a truly unique opportunity to work closely with a world-class team of creatives. We will not only develop your next major marketing initiative but will also build the skill set you need to do it again and again, for the rest of your life.