We Are Stronger Together

Right now the world is facing a crisis like it has not known in a century – just long enough to be out of our collective living memories.  And that crisis is impacting all parts of life, including the economy and the ability for many businesses to continue functioning.

Things we know?  Small businesses have the most potential to pull economies out of recession.  Money does not end a recession – optimism does.  And it is easier to look to the future when you are surrounded by others who are as well. 

At Pirate & Fox we are ahead of the game – we are a dispersed workforce and have run remote teams (where everyone ‘works from home’) for two decades.  We are masters of digital media, which during the current lockdown and isolation is our best method of safely staying connected to each other as humans.  We have weathered multiple life changing disasters,  Being based in Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria had a significant impact on our business – completely taking our main office offline for months.

Now, we’d like to share that with you, and we are looking at the most dramatic ways that we can support small businesses in the coming months.  We are creating new solutions daily, and as we do so we will post them below.  We are here for you, and together we will move through this.

Justin Handley

Justin Handley

Founder, Pirate & Fox

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The Customer Experience Lab

Our signature course on building effective marketing systems for your business (where you actually end up with them built) is now ‘pay what you can’ to make it accessible during tough times.

Join us for the next session starting April 1st.


Emergency Ecommerce Setup

Many brick and mortar businesses are now in a dire situation of trying to get products online so that they can avoid closing completely during lockdown.

We’ve pre-built an ecommerce WordPress site and will set it up for you for free.

Digital Assistance Requests

We are trying to flex with the times.  What is the #1 thing that would help your business now?  Ask and we’ll do what we can to deliver.

Let us know here.