The Magic Quarter:

A 12 Week Business Accelerator
  • 30 Days of Planning Your Next Big Thing
  • 4 Days of Live Implementation with a Team
    (in beautiful Puerto Rico)
  • 60 days of Supported Launch Time
  • Achieve Your Goals before Jan 1
  • Consulting & 1 on 1 Implementation
  • A World-Class Production Team

Only 10 Spots Available.

Registration Closes October 1st or When Full








The Timeline

September 2018


During September we are going to be gathering the group. This is your time, if you are interested, to get on the phone and talk about what we are going to be doing and who we are going to be doing it with. It’s our time to solidify the number of people who will be coming and nail down the perfect location to hold our accelerator.



During October we will be defining our 12-week strategy and beginning the process of collecting all of the materials that we need to achieve the goals that we define. We will be doing weekly calls to make sure that everyone is on track and that all questions are answered.    pre event assignments will be made  to ensure that at the accelerator we are able to complete the desired project.

NOVEMBER 1 – 4, 2018

implementation event

Over these four days, we will meet at a location to be determined in Puerto Rico. We will have copywriters videographers web designers and marketers on location as well as additional resources ready to help off-site to ensure that we meet the production goals of each business. We will shoot videos write copy crank out landing pages optimize website set up tracking and do whatever else is necessary to ensure that when we leave the event we are ready to make sales.   We may also have some fun.



The rest of November will be spent getting our projects off of the ground. Coming out of the accelerator will have a clear list of things that we need to do, make the work that we’ve done to this point successful. We will resume our weekly calls and make sure that each of us is actively using the resources that we’ve built to move towards our goals.

December 2018


One of the beautiful things about working online is that statistics are easily available and we have complete transparency on how people are reacting to and interacting with our messaging. In the first week of December, we will review our stats and learn how to make intelligent pivots if our model isn’t yet working. The rest of December will be spent on solidifying what we’ve created and, that it can run effectively as its own standalone system so that. we can go on to new. goals in the next quarter and continue to exponentially grow our businesses.

What Does it Cost?

Before we get into the cost, and you realize how ridiculously affordable this is, let me just say that the reason we are making this program so accessible is ultimately to help benefit the economy of Puerto Rico.   Maria hit this island hard in so many ways, and while much of the infrastructure is now restored, the economic impact of that storm is just beginning to be felt.

By coming to Puerto Rico for four days, you will be benefitting the local tourist economy, which is a crucial and important piece of the island’s growth.  When you register, we will also be offering a sponsorship to a local entrepreneur, so that we can help rebuild the small business economy here.  And you’ll be supporting our company and our employees and contractors in Puerto Rico.

Right now, our most direct competitors for a service like this offer it at $12,000 for a 2-day implementation session.  That is half of just the live implementation time we are offering, and no ongoing consulting or support.  Our entire program includes:

3 Months of Weekly Consulting

$3,000 Value

4 Day Implementation Accelerator

$12,000 Value

Annual Mastermind Group

$3,600 Value

Total Cost


Your Cost

$6,000 USD

This program isn’t for everyone.  Your business needs to be ready to grow.  You need to be serious about pursuing that growth.  We need to get along and be able to work together effectively.  So, the first step is to schedule a call time where we can discuss your current position, and where you want to go, and make sure that this program is a great fit for you.  You can find time one the calendar by using the link below.