Achieve rapid online growth

Growing a business in today’s world is somehow both easier and harder than it has ever been.  Suddenly, we can reach out and touch a global market with just a few keystrokes.  But at the same time, the world of digital marketing presents a learning curve that is too steep for most of us, especially if we are spending our time actually running a business that isn’t focused on digital marketing.  And if we dive in without knowing what we are doing, the ease with which we can waste hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars is astonishing.  So, let me ask you a question.

is your business achieving its goals?

If you are, you win.  If you aren’t, it is probably because you are like the rest of us.  You have huge vision, gigantic goals, and a force of energy to make your business grow, but you just don’t have the time to do every single thing you want to.  Success on the internet becomes more competitive year on year, and right now you have to be playing in a lot of fields to succeed. But real success comes from not only playing all the fields but doing it in a unified way, where each play feeds the next.  And doing that well requires… a marketing department.  Let’s just think quickly about the different pieces and what they take.

  • Your Website: Yes, your website is the heart of your business.  But even just maintaining your website requires a pretty serious skill set.  You need great designers, copywriters, and content writers to produce the core pages of your website plus landing pages for your products and services, product descriptions and pictures if you are in e-commerce, blog posts to attract and engage your audience via SEO and Social, and engaging Calls to Action throughout the site.  See, it’s already a little overwhelming, and I haven’t even really started yet.  There is also…
  • Paid Advertising: If you aren’t engaging in paid advertising, you aren’t really tapping into the potential of the internet in any way.  Google (and all the other engines), Facebook, Youtube (and a million more, but let’s start with the big guys) provide invaluable ways to reach new audiences.  But only if you do it right.  And that requires designers, copywriters, and possibly videographers and video editors if you are going to try and hit the video trend (which is a great idea right now).
  • Social Media: And there is the huge audience that is currently on social media.  Are you reaching them?  Are you engaging them?  Do you have a strategy for putting out ultimately shareable graphics, and blending shares of news, great content, and promotions in the right mix?
  • Analytics: And I hate to even say it, but if you are nailing it on Social Media – do you have any idea what results your business is actually getting?  Can you track customers back to their point of origin?  Do you know the ROI of social vs. paid advertising vs. SEO?  Do you have a solid math geek on staff to crunch your numbers?
  • Automation: What happens after you get leads from these traffic sources?  Do you have email, text, and Facebook Messenger followup?  Have you thought about your ideal customer path, the story that they are living, and how it meshes with the experience you are creating?  If you don’t have well thought out and automated funnels in place, you are dropping business left and right.
  • Email Promotion: If you are doing everything above right, you have a solid and growing email list.  Are you sending out great content and well-designed offers on a regular basis?  Is your audience segmented, so people only get the offers most relevant to themselves? Do you have a publishing strategy?  Do you have set days that your emails go out on, and do you always make your deadlines?
  • Customer Support: Yep, if you never thought about it, you should now.  Even customer support is a fantastic marketing channel if you do it right.

Believe me, I feel your pain.

I have run my own small businesses since 1999.  I know all about what it is like to read a list like that and know that you aren’t even scratching the surface of possibility.  And making it even more stressful is the question – how can you ever get all of that stuff organized and running solidly?  After all, every business has more than just the marketing to take care of.  You have the actual business you are in to run.  Clients to take care of.  Orders to fulfill. Lucky for you though, I am here today to help you nail the overwhelm in the head and implement a strategy that not only covers your bases but ties them together in a way that makes the most impact.  For example, the list above is nice and clean and segmented, but it really works more like this. You put a post out on social media channels that direct people to a blog post on your website.  The blog post has a retargeting pixel on it, which you then use to show people paid ads for a service.  They come back to a landing page on your site, where they sign up for information from you, that you deliver through your automated CRM provider.  Over time those email promotions drive people to buy from you, and your customer support people follow up with them to make sure they are happy and upsell them into higher levels of commitment to your brand and company. So, you don’t just need to have a social media manager, you need to have a marketing strategy that every single part of your marketing looks to for inspiration and direction on how it will all work in seamless flows that match the end user’s internal story.  And that is where we are going to start.

Welcome to the Pirate & Fox’s

Rapid online growth program

Every year we build out fantastic websites, brands, mobile apps, and advertising experiences.  We have a huge team of amazing folks that work on these projects.  But each year I also personally take on 10 to 20 clients for a personal ‘VP of Marketing’ style service.  It is surprisingly affordable (cheaper than hiring a college kid ‘webmaster’ half-time) and amazingly effective (we’ve taken quite a few businesses over the 7-figure mark during our personal consulting programs).  But who is this mysterious ‘I’ who is writing this letter?  Sorry – let me introduce myself.

I’m Justin Handley, CEO of Pirate & Fox LLC.  We run quite a few brands (including Pirate & Fox – our high-end agency, ManagedWP.Rocks – our WordPress hosting and management solution, The Automation Academy – business automation training, and more…) under our parent corporation.  I’ve been building businesses online since 1999.  I’m not a ‘guru’ and I don’t self-promote much.  Instead, I sit behind the scenes and build businesses – real businesses, not just my own little ‘guru’ business.

I’ve taken businesses in the health, home crafts, sports, and online marketing businesses from zero to over 1 million dollars a year – usually in the course of just one or two years, and often very much alone at the beginning.  And I’ve worked successfully in almost 100 other industries. And because of this, I have a hard-won, school of hard knocks education that covers the spectrum.

I’ve written copy that sells, designed ad campaigns, managed social media, written web apps from scratch, designed complex server architecture, and spent countless hours pouring over analytics to find the next path to success.  I’ve been a certified Google Adwords consultant and am a certified Infusionsoft marketing automation consultant.  I’ve built a WordPress hosting infrastructure from the ground up and dealt with every bug imaginable on hundreds of WordPress sites that collectively use thousands of different plugins and themes.

And now I am making myself available for the year to help you get your entire digital marketing universe in order.  This plan is designed both to bring you rapid growth across the first year, but also to set you up with systems and methods so that at the end of the program you are more likely to be able to maintain growth moving into the future.

Here is How That Works

Starting now, we will talk about your business, your struggles, and your plans for the future.  We will look at your staff and your existing resources, and the areas where you are weakest and need the most support.  And we will begin to shape a plan for the coming year.  Then, starting on the first of the month, we will hit the ground running.  12 months from now, you will have…

  • Clearly defined marketing funnels with measurable success rates
  • An automated social media content creation and posting system that takes less than an hour a week
  • A publishing calendar, plus a system for getting content written on time and with the quality it needs for SEO
  • A clean, focused, beautiful website that has clear CTAs defined on every page
  • Automated follow-up campaigns for all of your major incoming lead generation points
  • Paid advertising campaigns driving traffic to your highest converting offers
  • The systems you need to keep it all running in just a couple of hours a week.

 This is not a (typical) coaching program

Or, it is, but not in the sense you are used to.  I’m not just going to give you a bunch of pre-packaged videos that you are never going to watch and assume that you are going to get it all done on your own.  That seems to be the big trend in marketing training right now, which is why most of it, no matter how great the ideas, is a total waste of time and money.  No, I’m going to work with you and for you.

We’ll spend an hour a week on the phone all year long if you need it.  That time can be training, coaching, or strategy sessions about what is going to happen for you in the rest of my time.  Which, I will spend working for you.  Building out systems.  Setting up campaigns.  Building web pages.  Troubleshooting problems.  Analyzing and reporting on your stats.  And get this…

If I get stuck, I have a whole network of mentors who I can call on to help me find the answers we need.  And, if there is something that needs to happen critically, and can’t fit into our consulting agreement,  the collective teams of every Pirate & Fox business will be at your disposal at the lowest rates offered.

Yep, that’s right.  You and I will be steering the ship.  And alone, we will be able to work together to achieve everything promised in the list above.  But, if you have bigger ambitions – let’s say that you want to publish a long article weekly all year, and I can’t write that much in the time allotted, I will hook you up with an amazing content writer at incredibly good rates who can get that done for you.

Or, maybe mid-year you decide you really want a mobile app.  Cool – I’ll give you my team of app builders at wholesale pricing.  For the year while we work together, the team that I’ve assembled over the last 18 years becomes your team.  The people I go to for help become your assistants.

So, I’m not going to just be that guy who knows it all and tells you, leaving you… just as overwhelmed as you are now, but maybe more because now you have someone trying to hold you accountable for getting all of this done.  Nope.  I’m going to be the guy who takes charge, makes a plan for getting all of this done in your business, tries to relieve the burden on your shoulders, and asks for your help when you are the only one that can help – which the business owner sometimes is. 

I have never worked with a consultant/partner so expansively knowledgeable in the digital marketing world. Justin is efficient, quick to get to the issues and fix them, and keeps the progress moving at a fast momentum. Items keep getting knocked off the “to-do” list! He’s worth every penny.
Pamela Dreyfuss

Director of Marketing & Digital Assets, La Canada Flintridge Country Club

Before we met Justin, Infusionsoft was a tool that we purchased but couldn’t utilize. The mere thought of getting it to a functional place was overwhelming and confusing. Justin took the time to rearrange and build out the basic layout of our platform and did an excellent job at walking us through every step while he explained it in an easily digestible manner. Furthermore, he helped us see how the different pieces would connect as we continue to build in the different levels of functionality. We are glad that we were introduced to him and look forward to a continuing long-term relationship. Thank you again for everything Justin!

Julio Daniel Hernandez

CEO, Enlight Energy

Justin’s software development and online marketing skills are a refreshing blend of knowledge, experience, and insight that has given us that level of confidence that we have needed to move forward.

Sam Harrell

Owner, FacilityAXS

Since you are wondering, this costs $1,000 per month

Right?  That is your thought.  It sounds good.  You want to have someone helping you out so badly.  But oh my, what will it cost?  I get it.  And, like the rest of our relationship, there will be no hiding, no mysticism, and no lies.  This program is a 12-month program (and yes, I require a year commitment – if you aren’t committed enough to your business to give it a year, neither am I) and costs $1,000 a month.  If you pay in advance you can get it for just $9,945; a little more than 2 months off.

If you think this is expensive, you are looking at it the wrong way.  If you hired a webmaster straight out of college, who doesn’t have half the knowledge or experience that I do, you’d probably pay $20 / hour – or $1,600 a month for a half-time worker.  What a college kid can produce for you in that time, no matter how crafty with photoshop or great with HTML they are, might be worth 1/10th of what we will be doing together.

Because it isn’t about a single skill.  It is about a broad strategy that encompasses a huge range of pretty diverse talents plus an in-depth understanding of how those skills apply in the real business and marketing world.  You can’t get that education in college.  Or out of cheap workers in India or the Phillipenes.  Are you with me?

There are other expenses that will come along with this as well.  There is some software you should have – a social platform that costs about $20 / month, and SEO platform that costs about $100 / month, a CRM – which can be anywhere from $30 to $400 a month.  If you are already successful in business, you probably have a CRM in place already, and maybe you even have a social publishing platform you are using.  That is fine.  We can review and compare systems and make sure you have exactly what you need.

Plus, when we get into paid advertising, you need an advertising budget – probably at least $300 to $500 a month – if you want it to work and mean anything.  So there you have it – this program is probably for people that a $2,000 a month marketing budget doesn’t kill.  If that isn’t you (yet) but this is intriguing to you, I encourage you to fill out the contact form on our homepage with your name, email, and a little note about who you are, where you are in business, etc.  We’ll send you some of our best tips for growing your business over the coming year, and will let you know if and when we do any group training that might be more affordable for you.

Otherwise, if you are seriously interested in discussing this, please fill out the form below.  And we will be discussing this – you can’t just ‘buy now’.  You are committing to a long-term relationship with me.  I’m committing to a long-term relationship with you.  We are going to talk, feel each other out, and make sure that this relationship makes sense for both of us.  Because it needs to be a success.  You need to make back twice what you spend with me in increased profits.  I need your ecstatic feedback at the end of the year to sell in next years customers.  We need to like each other.

So… if you want to know more, give me a bit of info about you below and I’ll be in touch personally to schedule a call.