Contract Completion & Move to Hourly Billing

You can use the simple form below to add a credit card securely to our processing system. By adding a card using the form below, you are agreeing that our current existing contract is now complete and that all work moving forward will be handled on an hourly basis following these terms.

Terms and Conditions

    1. We reserve the right to fulfill your requests for service.
    2. Changes to the Master Service Agreement must be made through a written addendum to the Agreement. Each Addendum or Request will take effect when signed or approved by both parties


    1. You will send specific requests and they will be fulfilled based on our availability.
    2. All times spent from receiving your request until delivery will be tracked and billed as per minute basis according to the chosen hourly rate.
    3. We will consider all requests as work order unless an estimate is specifically requested by you.
    4. The services we provide may go from Webmastering, Marketing Automation, Site Development,  Research, Site Analysis, Consulting and others and all will be tracked accordingly to the task rate or to the chosen rate.
    5. It is your responsibility to advise us of the wanted delivery date, as we will accommodate your request based on our schedule availability and will let you know our approximate date of delivery. If the service is required before the next opening, we will consider it as “Emergency Request” and additional fees or different rates may apply.
    6. All estimates are just that – estimates.  If our work exceeds the amount of estimated time you will be notified before we hit that point and can choose to discontinue the work or approve time over the initial estimate.

Price and Payment

Your Discounted Rate is $1.25 per minute ($75 / Hour ) and we will track & bill based on this rate, the balance due will be invoiced on at the end of the billing period at the discounted rate and you will have 2 (two) business days to review the invoice before the auto-charge is processed. Your card in our records will always have to be up-to-date in order to keep this rate.


Either party may terminate any of the Services specified in this Agreement with written notice. Upon termination of the service, we will invoice any work performed that has a payment pending and will invoice and may charge immediately to the card on record.

The button below will open a form that will charge $1 to verify your card which we will immediately refund and your project will be moved to an hourly billing basis.

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